The American Humanist Association strives to bring about a progressive society where being good without a god is an accepted and respected way to live life. We are accomplishing this through our defense of civil liberties and secular governance, by our outreach to the growing number of people without traditional religious faith, and through a continued refinement and advancement of the humanist worldview.

Humanism encompasses a variety of nontheistic views (atheism, agnosticism, rationalism, naturalism, secularism, and so forth) while adding the important element of a comprehensive worldview and set of ethical values – values that are grounded in the philosophy of the Enlightenment, informed by scientific knowledge, and driven by a desire to meet the needs of people in the here and now.

We count humanists and other nontheists as the core of our movement but are always willing to work with friends and allies on issues of common concern. The positions we hold and the actions we take are not simply for our own benefit, but for the betterment of all of society and the world in which we live.

We are a religious missionary congregation of the Catholic Church that exclusively serves our commitment to share our faith beyond the boundaries of Christianity, with our brothers and sisters of different faiths and those who do not espouse any faith.

We strive to inspire a new generation to the challenges this mission offers us today in a diverse and pluralistic world through:  

  • Intercultural and interfaith dialogue;
  • Advocacy for and solidarity with the poor;
  • Sharing the legacy of our founder, St. Guido Conforti;
  • Telling the stories and witness of our missionaries in the variety of ministries and countries where we serve.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is a leading national research university and the state of New Jersey’s preeminent, comprehensive public institution of higher education.


Planning Partners

The Humanist Community at Rutgers

The Humanist Community at Rutgers University (HCRU) was founded in 2009.  Since then we have dedicated ourselves to providing for the Humanist community at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

As a Rutgers chaplaincy we perform a variety of services, including:

  • Representing the Humanist perspective at seminars, student orientations, memorial services and recreational gatherings
  • Holding events and lectures on campus on Humanist issues
  • Advising related student groups, providing inter-year stability
  • Developing a sense of shared community among students
  • Counseling and support for students, regardless of their worldview

The American Ethical Union creates, nurtures, and inspires ethical humanist communities to foster a world that is democratic, compassionate, just, and sustainable.

Ethical Humanism/Ethical Culture is a humanist Movement focusing on human goodness and building ethical relationships with each other and the Earth. As a non-theistic organization we do not concern ourselves with the existence or non-existence of a deity but instead embrace the diversity of our membership.

  • We recognize the unique worth and dignity of all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, or religious beliefs.
  • We advocate for reason, compassion, and rational thinking so we can progress as individuals, communities, and a world.
  • We act to elicit the best in others and thereby in ourselves, celebrating with and supporting each other through life.
  • We realize the full capacity of our human spirit when we stimulate our thinking with new insights and inspirations.
  • We are recognized as a religious movement because for us the ethical quest has the depth of a religious commitment, and because we recognize the value of a community of support, celebration, and action.
  • We train future humanist leaders to promote responsible and ethical living.